Breeding and delivering the world's finest organically produced cannabis seeds since 2008

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Our Mission


Dready Seeds dedicates its time to selecting, crossing and stabilising the very best genetics to deliver the finest of strains.


We run our very own breeding facilities to deliver the world with the genetics issued from our R&D program.

Extraction and CBD products

We also run an extraction program under the name Dready Labs. Our aim is to research and produce CBD distillate, oil and other products for medical customers.



Dready Bob, the seed breeder and technical genius behind the Dready Seeds' strains, has been studying cannabis genetics for over two decades. His passion and love of cannabis is bred into every Dready seed, each carefully crafted over many years to reach the pinnacle of yield, flavour, THC content, and genetic superiority. Dready Seeds came into existence when Dready Bob went from preserving to breeding different cannabis strains. Now an internationally recognised name for the strength of our breeds, Dready Seeds remains true to our goal of providing the finest cannabis strains available worldwide.

Personal Info

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Dready Seeds does not endorse the cultivation of cannabis in countries where it remains prohibited. If you are uncertain about your rights we suggest you visit here for country-specific information.
Dready Seeds neschvaluje pěstování konopí v zemích, kde to zůstane zakázáno. Pokud si nejste jisti svými právy, doporučujeme vám navštívit zde informace specifické pro danou zemi.
Dready Seeds не одобряет культивирование каннабиса в странах, где он остается запрещенных. Если вы уверены в своих правах мы предлагаем вам посетить здесь информации по конкретной стране.
Dready Seeds no avala el cultivo de cannabis en los países donde permanece prohibida. Si no está seguro acerca de sus derechos le sugerimos que visite aquí para obtener información específica del país.
Dready Seeds ez du cannabis laborantza gatoz non debekatuta geratzen da herrialde batzuetan. Zara zure eskubideei buruzko zalantzarik izanez gero hemen bisitatzen duzun herrialde jakin informaziorako gomendatzen dizug
Dready Seeds nicht den Anbau von Cannabis in Ländern, wo es bleibt verboten, zu unterstützen. Wenn Sie sich über Ihre Rechte sind empfehlen wir Ihnen, besuchen Sie hier, um länderspezifische Informationen.
Dready Seeds ne cautionne pas la culture du cannabis dans les pays où il reste interdit. Si vous n'êtes pas certain de vos droits, nous vous suggérons de visiter cette page pour plus d'informations spécifiques à chaque pays.

Dready Labs

Dready Labs is the cannabis extracts entity within Dready Seeds. The Dready Labs team has been working on extraction methods for more than two decades to deliver you with the best prescription medicine on the market.
Our extraction methods include :
Solvent-based extractions Solvent-less extractions Edible production Topical production
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