tangie berry female seeds


The Tangie Berry is a Sativa dominant cross of our legendary Dreadyberry with a very special cut of the early 90’s Tangerine Dream we’ve been working on. From two different phenols of the Tangerine Dream and several stages of backcrossing, we have selected the finest one for both maximum yield and the most citrus of terpene profiles. We then crossed this with our well known Dreadyberry strain to make something very special. Another one not to be missed if you are looking for a unique flavour. When the plant is flowering it has the most amazingly strong aroma of freshly peeled oranges which is also enhanced by the already strong aroma of the Dreadyberrys’ genetics. You could easily be mistaken for growing oranges with this strain and the citrus terpenes are retained all the way through to the end product making this a very pleasing and tasty experience. Again, another great strain for the extract artist or for medicinal use. The most abundant terpene within its profile is Myrcene so it has the added synergistic effect with the high THC content to make this an effective strain for the use of many medicinal needs including the relief from pain, depression, anxiety and it can also greatly help with insomnia too.

It yields very well both indoors and outdoors and prefers a nice organic medium to grow in for best results. The flowers grow really well and fully cover the arms of the plant. The flowers have small calyxes but the buds finish up nice and tight with all the pistils turning a gorgeous amber/orange colour. But the overwhelming smell of citrus is what makes this strain so favourable. This is yet another unique strain which has already gained popularity within the industry and one that you will not be disappointed with. We hope it’s a future winner of awards we like it that much.

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